Jenny Is A Tough Mom On A Mission!

Jenny Is A Tough Mom On A Mission!

I remember waking up that one morning angry, shaking, and crying because the night before I had just swallowed a whole bottle of pills. I wanted the pain and darkness to end. I was tired of living Groundhog Day over and over.

Why was life so hurtful? Why were people so mean? I was such a good person. I was kind, caring, I helped as many people as I could but I kept getting punched and knocked down.

See, I had been living most of my life for someone else and not for Jenny. Acting the way someone else wanted me to, Jenny wasn’t living her life. Jenny got lost.

I remember after giving birth to my twin boys, a few minutes later I started to have massive pain as I was hemorrhaging all over the table, they couldn’t stop the bleeding. They put me in a room and told my family members to come and say goodbye just in case I didn’t wake up. I could hear my friends and family talk to me but I couldn’t respond. It broke my heart.

I remember hearing my husband tell his sisters, what the f*** am I supposed to do with 4 children if she dies? He never touched me, hugged me, kissed me, or even told me to fight. I knew that if I woke up, I had to make some tough choices.

See I almost drown in a pool at the age of 3, I tried ending my life, and now I may never wake up after just having my twins?

What more of a wake-up call did I need?

God/the universe whatever you believe in, was definitely giving me signs.

The day I woke up after swallowing those pills I looked up at God and said OK I’m obviously here for a reason? I’m begging you to show me why because I don’t know how much longer I can do this, that is when I started hemorrhaging.

A few years later I got divorced and became a single mom of 4. I had been a successful business owner since I was 22 years old but I still felt something wasn’t right but I couldn’t explain it.

After being married for 23 years, I started partying hard. Sleeping with men just because. Maybe to get back at my ex-husband. Hangover after hangover. I remember driving home one evening at 5:00 a.m. still a little buzzed thinking to myself what is wrong with you? What if you get pulled over and get a DUI? How will you raise 4 children? What kind of mother are you being?

In 2013 my daughter and I went grocery shopping. As we were checking out she said to me you forgot something. I said no we have everything. She said you forgot your beer.

That was it I quit cold Turkey. She saved me!

I turned to health and fitness, I hired many coaches, found my spirituality and was thriving.

June 8, 2016, my daughter was bucked off a horse one week after her 16th birthday and suffered a spinal cord injury. Lost all feeling from the chest down. She looked at me and said, Mom don’t worry, I will walk again and ride again. I WILL BE OK.

That night she instilled a power in me that I can’t explain. I said ok, Game on!

I left my career as a salon owner to be her Advocate and help heal my daughter.

What if I didn’t work on myself? What if I was still drinking and this happened to my daughter?

I would be a hotness drinking and popping pills and probably depressed.

My daughter is a powerful young woman.

Our story isn’t over yet!

Inspiring Message:

Please open up to someone. Hire a coach or mentor. Trust your gut INSTINCT. Don’t just work on your physical self, go within and heal boweth physical and spiritual. Most importantly, doctors may save lives but they kill hope’s and dreams if you let them. They told Taylor that she would never walk again, but that just added fuel to my fire!


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Do: Journaling, eat organically, meditate and most importantly – LOVE YOURSELF!

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Andrea is the Founder of Inspo Nation. Since getting sober and completely changing her life in 2019, she has been passionate about helping others realize their inner strength so that they can overcome adversity and live inspired lives.

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